Saturday, 23 May 2009

Useful guide to cooking times

I though that today I would post this useful little chart from The Thermal Cooker site. It will give you a basic idea of cooking times for your own menues. Most slow cooker recipes can be used in the thermal cooker and by using either the times in a similar recipe or the times below you should end up with a perfectly cooked meal.


Simmer time after bringing to the boil:

Thermal cooking time:
Rice5 mins1 to 1.5 hours
Potatoes5 mins1 to 2 hours
Soup & Stock10 mins2 to 3 hours
Green Lentils10 mins3 to 4 hours


10 mins3 hours
Split Peas10 mins2 hours
Quinoa5 mins1.5 hours
Millet5 mins1 hours
Polenta1 mins1 hours
Winter Squash5 mins1 to 2 hours
Steamed bread 30 mins3 hours
Chicken6 mins2 to 3 hours
Beef13 mins3 to 4 hours


  1. Hi, you've made cooking from thermal cooker sounds so easy. I've just bought a La Gourmet thermal cooker recently and used it to boil barley water.

    However, I found that the beautiful stainless steel of the inner pot changes to spotty metallic colour. I thought that the steel should continue to stay silver (as it was stated in the brochure that its made from 18/10 steel) and not change shades.

    I'm wondering if this is due to the quality of the steel. Do you experience this with your Thermal cooker? Also, can you use it to boil soup, barley water?

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Jolly,
    I don't know you particular make of thermal cooker. Mine is a Thermos Shuttle Chef and all that happens with mine is the inside dulls a little. We live in a very hard water area and I have presumed that it is this that causes the dulling.

    I am writing a cookbook at the moment for thermal cookers and mine gets used nearly every day. I also need to take pictures for the web sites and and shows that I do so I occasionally give it a clean with a pot scourer. I use the green ones which I don't think are metal and they certainly don't seem to scratch the surface too much. As for the outside this keeps shiny with just a little discolouration where the gas flames touch the pot.

    My advice is to if possible talk to the company you bought it from and see what they have to say.
    All the best