Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Christchurch Food & Wine Festival 9th & 10th of May

The weekend weather was really kind to and it definitely brought out the crowds. The streets were filled with over 100 stalls selling a great selection of food. Our stall, Mr D's Kitchen had a Chinese take away one side and man selling vodka the other. Behind us was Maguire's probably the smartest fish and chip shop I have every been in. All the fish is cooked to order and although this means a wait it was really worth it. This is fish and chips at their best.

We were very busy both days showing people the principles of thermal cooking and letting them taste the fruit cakes we made each night in our Shuttle Chef. I did not have time to have a really good look around the festival. I had intended to attend the demonstration by the Tanner brothers on Sunday but this never happened.

On Saturday Gary Rhodes and Lesley Walters were there demonstrating cooking in the Rangemaster Theatre while a friend of ours Ester Davis ran a Kid's Kitchen for children aged between 5 to 11.

The food and wine festival started on the 8th of May and goes on to the 17th. Although the street market is just the first weekend there are many activities going on the rest of the time.

The Shuttle Chef was as usual very well received in this time of credit cruntch and many people remembered using a hay box on which our thermal cooker is based. I did some demonstrating of cooking which was watched with interest and encouraged many questions as people tried to underrstand the principle of cooking without power.

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